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Creating: Who You Are Without Your Titles


Creating paintings for "What Are You Without Your Titles?"


This was a really special week because I got to collaborate with my sister on the paintings. Merrill was the guest writer for the blog and reading what she wrote inspired so many great ideas. There were so many ideas that we came up with two paintings this week. You can read her post here.

Painting One- "I Finally See Myself"

The concept for this painting really came from Merrill, with Sleeping At Last's song, Three, as the inspiration. We based the painting on the lyrics:

I finally see myself, through the eyes of no else

I wanted the painting to be simple. The idea was taking the layers or masks off (something three's are good at wearing), revealing the authentic beauty underneath. I kept the clothing as a line drawing so it wouldn't distract or compete with the color. 

It was also important that I didn't include a background. We wanted it to represent how we should get our value and worth internally instead of externally (our titles, jobs, accomplishments, etc). 

Originally, we wanted to make the "reveal, true self" body covered in florals. I am a fan of symbolism, and I chose herbs and flowers that symbolize self worth. These are the few I picked:


Peony: Happy Life, Strength

Blue Hyacinth: Constancy of Love

Aloe: Healing

Thyme: Courage

Coriander (Cilantro): Hidden Worth

Marjoram: Joy and Happiness

Morning Glory : Affection




I began to paint the flowers under the clothing and it just didn't feel right. I decided that all the florals would be better suited for a separate painting (see below). It isn't as subtle, but I added the lyrics to the body to finish it off. I really like how the final product turned out!

Painting Two: "I Am Enough"


I knew I wanted to include all the herbs and flowers listed above in a new painting. At first, I was going to create a wreath and put a quote inside. I am trying to stretch myself and try new things. This mantra has been so important to me this year:


I've been discovering more about what drives me. I thrive off of "success" and "being the best". By the way, just like my twin sister - I am ALSO an enneagram Three.  I am learning to let go of finding my value in my achievements and instead, finding my worth in just being me.

I drew out the words and surrounded them by the flowers and herbs that symbolize happiness, joy, affection, self worth, strength, etc. 

I hope this painting means as much to you as it does me! I feel like everyone needs a reminder that they are enough. You being you is the best thing you can bring to the world. Authenticity is a beautiful thing.

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