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Strawberry Fairy Garden DIY

Celebrating seasons can be such a fun activity with children. We talked about seven great ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox in this blog post. One of the ideas is creating a fairy garden.

These little indoor gardens are a creative way to inspire imagination with children, while incorporating art and nature. There is no right or wrong way to make a fairy garden. I have made them three times now and each time they are very different.

  • One year we just filled a pot with dirt and found objects around the yard, like moss, pinecones, and leaves. My daughter then picked some of her little figurine toys and added them to the garden. 
  • The next year I decided to purchase a bench, mailbox, and a garden gnome to live in the garden. I also purchased a couple succulents to complete the garden. My daughter added moss from our yard and her bunny figurines. 
  • This year, I went a different route and decide to use fake flowers. I also purchased a few more pieces, like a bridge and butterfly chair. We also decided to add a painting element and had the girls paint strawberries for the garden. Although, they kind of look like toadstools, which works equally well ;)

Here are some instructions for this year's fairy garden to help with some inspiration. Remember, the idea is to have fun and make a magical garden your children will enjoy! Follow their lead and let the garden morph with your child as they grow each year. 

Fairy Garden DIY |


The supplies for painting rocks isn't too complicated. I have listed the ones we used below!

  • Rocks - Go on a rock hunt! You can find rocks for free outside or you can get smooth rocks like the ones pictured below at a craft store. Whatever is easier for you!
  • Paint - I used acrylic paint.
  • Brushes - Use whatever you have. Here is a simple, cheap set you can get if you don't have any!
  • Toothpicks 
  • Paint Palette - Use any surface you are ok getting paint on. 
  • Paper towels or wipes - This will get messy!
painting rock

1. Pick your rocks!
Be sure they are smooth and the right size to fit in your fairy garden

2. Start with red
I only laid out the red paint in the beginning so the girls didn't start going for the other colors. Feel free to make rainbow strawberries if your child would prefer!

3. Don't watch paint dry, read a book!
Once the rocks were all red, we cleaned our hands (they will get messy!), and then we read one of our spring books. Check out our previous blog all about the Spring Equinox to get some ideas for great books! (ADD LINK)

4. Add the seeds
We used toothpicks to add the seeds to the strawberries. I demonstrated how to dip the toothpick in the white paint and carefully "dot" the rock. The girls really enjoyed this step! 

5. Add the green leaf tops
Decide where the top of the strawberry on each rock is. I helped the girls paint a green "star-like" shape on top. Keep it simple. 

You can also paint flowers, vegetables, or bugs on your rocks for the garden. 

Now, onto your fairy garden!


Ideas for what to include in your fairy garden:

  • A container for the garden - it just needs to be big enough to include a few plants and little figurines, you can get as creative as you like!
  • Plants - you can use purchase real plants, fake plants, or find things on a nature walk - pinecones, acorns, moss, little plants, sticks, rocks, etc. 
  • Figurines - you can purchase little figurines at craft stores, some speciality plant shops, or online. You use doll house furniture and toys your children already have or you can even make your own. 

We started off by filling our container with dirt from the yard. We then added moss and pebbles on top for the grass. Then we let our girls decorate the garden however they liked. Keep it simple and fun! 

Fairy Garden DIY |
Fairy Garden DIY |
Fairy Garden DIY |
Fairy Garden DIY |
Fairy Garden DIY |