Monthly mantra WAllpapers

Enjoy any of the mantra shown below!  Each month there will be a new mantra to choose from. You can download a version for your phone or desktop.
And just for the month of August, you can download a high quality image file to print!

September Mantra: "I Chose Courage"


February Mantra: "I will start today with a grateful heart"

&m iP8 Mockup.jpg
&m Desktop Mockup.jpg

March Mantra: "I have Purpose"


April mantra: "Take a moment and breath" 

April Mantra
April Mantra Desktop and Computer.png

May Mantra: "I can and I will" 

May Mantra Download |
May Mantra Download |

June Mantra: "i'M ready, born ready"

July Mantra: "Be Kind"

AUgust Mantra: "It will be ok"