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Making a Home

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TITLE: Making a Home

"Making a Home" painting is based on the concept that our homes don't have to be perfect, but its the people in it and the memories created that matter. Blue Birds symbolize being happy in the present moment. The quilt represents "home". It is cozy, warm, and made up of a patchwork of memories. I included hidden images like a paintbrush (always repainting the walls), sun (children getting in their parents' bed in the morning), and a ruler (measuring heights on the wall). A home makes up all these memories and more.

"We built a home, it was far from perfect but we made it our own."

SIZE: 8"X10" and 11"X14" (prices vary per size)
Custom Sizes available contact seller for pricing

PRINT: Archival Giclee prints on Archival Fine Art Paper

All designs are done by myself, please do not use without my permission. Purchase of artwork does not mean purchase of copyright. Thank you!

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Making a Home Print | Ampersand Mother
Making a Home Print | Ampersand Mother